Tsunamibike now carries EMMO , TAO TAO, and Other Brands

www.emmo.ca    www.canadattatv.com 


Closed September 3rd and we will re-open on September 6th

Due to Long weekend. Thank you!

Hoverboards now in stock!!!!! 



Tsunamibike carries a HUGE selection of E-BIKES,dirt bikes, pocket bikes & ATVs


  • Tsunamibike is a Canadian based company over 10 years strong! importing E-Bikes and mini motorized bikes directly from quality manufacturers overseas.
  • Tsunamibike is one of the largest E-Bike importers, working directly with our overseas manufacturers to ensure product quality and functional design.
  • We have hundreds of bikes in stock: E-Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, atv's..... Many styles and colours to choose from.
  • We possess strong relationships with our manufacturers and continue to maintain our products and market vision so we may serve our valued customers. We ensure that all of our products are up to date with current market trends.
  • Tsunamibike is the only distributor in Canada that carries a large selection of standard parts and after market parts to support our consumers.
  • Our overseas manufacturers works diligently, bringing us the newest, most innovative and best quality products for our consumers.
  • Tsunamibike doesn't only focus on quality products, competitive price but stresses customer satisfaction in every sale.
  • Tusnamibike has an excellent mechanical division with extensive product knowledge that allow us to provide outstanding after sale service and technical support for our consumers.
  • In 2015 our 10th year - Tsunamibike is still growing strong and continue to add more fun products to our amazing stocks which including: Orbit Wheel, Waveboards, Dirt rollers, Pogo sticks, Sky runners, Flashing rollers... 


Tsunamibike welcomes any comments, feedback or concerns about our services and products.