These premium tires are available in custom specs to suit your needs. Our simple two step process lets you choose your ideal tire for optimum performance.

1: Choose your carcass

"M" - riders under 162 lbs.
"MR" - riders over 162 lbs.

2: Choose your compound

"C" (hard) - Ideal for warm climates. Long wearing.
"B" (medium) - All condition tire. Very good grip.
"A" (soft) - Best for cooler climates. Super sticky.
"W" - Rain tires

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Business Closing!

Due to family emergency and person matter. We are no longer can operate the Tsunamibike Store. As of Today July 03rd, 2018, Tsunamibike Store is officially closed. Thank you for supporting us in the pass 15 years.


Note: We will not accept any phone calls nor orders at this time. Email may be checked.